Æfingabolur – bleikur- Stephnie

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Æfingabolur fyrir konur (tank)

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Glæsilegur æfingabolur (tank) fyrir konur með þröngu sniði.

The Stephanie ‘rowing’ vest, with an attractive and innovative design, has been engineered to meet the demands of high-intensity training and guarantee you high-level performance even in very hot conditions. Many mesh inserts, which facilitate perspiration and quick sweat evaporation, make this vest extremely lightweight and fresh. The vest has an opening through which to feed your headphones, and reflective features to ensure you can run safely even at night time or in poor visibility conditions.
  • M-DrySystem: system with optimum textile fibres to improve the breathability. The special weave used allows a rapid evaporation of sweat, thereby improving the natural head adjustments of the body and reducing irritations. The result is to ensure maximum comfort for athletes in every situation.
  • Fit:Slim