Æfingabolur – Grár – (Roxanne)

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Æfingabolur fyrir konur (tank)

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Glæsilegur æfingabolur (tank) fyrir konur með þröngu sniði.

Bright patterns and colours ideal for the summer period. The Roxanne “vogatore” singlet has been designed for competition and the most intense workouts. With 2 lateral compartments on the back to hold gel and integrators. Made with the innovative MDrySystem Speed Dry fabric that ensures rapid evaporation of sweat and a very short drying time. The fabric is pleasant and comfortable in contact with your skin.Stylistic details that offer a touch of elegance and freshness include the lateral inserts at the bottom of the singlet in charcoal and florescent coral. Important reflective details both front and back of for optimum visibility in poor visibility conditions The right mix between ideal technical knowhow and stylistic details will allow you to express your feminine side even during intense sports activity.

  • M-DrySystem: system with optimum textile fibres to improve the breathability. The special weave used allows a rapid evaporation of sweat, thereby improving the natural head adjustments of the body and reducing irritations. The result is to ensure maximum comfort for athletes in every situation.
  • Fit:Slim

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