Compression hlaupasokkar (ENDURANCE)

4.990 kr.

Sérhannaðir compression sokkar fyrir hlaupara

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Sérhannaðir sokkar fyrir hlaupara í hæsta gæðaflokki.

Tæknilegar upplýsingar á ensku:
The Endurance running socks have been designed to protect your feet even on the most arduous runs. These socks feature anti-twist support bands, Achilles tendon shock absorber, and gradually exerts compression on your foot.

Anatomical Foot: Anatomical arch support for softening impact against the sole of the foot.
Soft elastic wrist band: Anti-Fray “no stress” system so as not to hinder blood flow.
Meryl ® Fiber: Highly breathable and comfortable soft enveloping microfiber.
“Real mesh” breathable sections: Innovative design creates “holes” on the top and sides of the foot, enabling seat to wick away with maximum breathability. These sections considerably increase the breathable qualities of the sock and keep the foot at an optimal temperature even during sport.

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L / 43-46, M / 39-42, S / 35-38, XL / 47-50