Rennd hettupeysa (Eadesy) – 4 litasamsetningar

8.990 kr.

Þunn og þægileg rennd hettupeysa

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Þunn og þægileg rennd hettupeysa. Fáanleg í 4 litum í öllum stærðum. Slim fit.

The Eadesy sweatshirt has a clean sleek design and is packed with practical features, making it an extremely high-tech garment. The sweatshirt features a full-length central zip, a hood, zipped pockets with auto-lock slider, half moon and inner save neck. Elegant ribbed cuffs and hem with drawstring fastening complete the look. Do you want a tip on how to best use the drawstring fastening? Make it tight so that the opening on the hem stops the cold air from getting in. Eadesy comes in a wide range of colours to satisfy every requirement.

POLYDIAGONAL: This fabric combines the hot hand grinding process with a diagonal feature that bestows high elasticity to the fabric. The fabric was expressly studied for training garments giving a confortable fitting in every situation.

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