Æfingapeysa fyrir karla – Harvey

12.990 kr. 10.262 kr.

Æfingapeysa fyrir karla – Harvey



Einstaklega mjúk og þægileg æfingapeysa.  Flísfóðruð og gat fyrir þumlana.

The Harvey running sweatshirt is extremely bold and packed with features. Made from Per-fleece fabric, with gauze inner lining, this sweatshirt is lightweight yet extremely warm and comfortable. The sweatshirt features a reversed zip with auto-lock slider, concealed-zip pockets, micro-mesh stripes on the sleeves, micro-mesh inserts on the back, reflective logos and sleeves with thumb holes. The micro-mesh half moon, lapped zip and small black lycra collar complete the look.

  • PER-FLEECE: stretch fabric characterised by a thin gauze inside. It is specially designed for training wear being light-weight yet warm and comfortable.

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