Rennd “scuba” hettupeysa (Ivalo)

19.990 kr. 13.993 kr.

Rennd hettupeysa úr “scuba” efni – Ivalo

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Einstaklega þægileg rennd hettupeysa úr “scuba” efni.

The Scuba fabric jacket with Ivalo hood distinguishes itself for the detail of the bands with the Macron Hero logo in embossed rubber badges on the sleeves, an attractive and stylish element that will make you stand out from the rest. The garment also has a full-length central zip with auto-lock slider, pockets with concealed zips, tone-on-tone Macron Hero logo in flat rubber print, hood with technical drawstring and drawstring stopper zip and exposed elasticized cuffs. A jacket that is not only practical and comfortable, but also stylish!

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