Hlaupapils fyrir konur – Svart – (Wendy)

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Hlaupapils fyrir konur

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Hlaupapils fyrir konur. Fáanlegt í 4 stærðum, XS-L. Renndur vasi aftan á pilsinu og hólf í undirbuxum fyrir t.d. síma eða gel.

Wendy is the garment that offers you that touch of extra class and elegance without losing high performance and the functionality you require. On the back there is a large waterproof pocket in a central position for your gel, integrator, documents, smartphone to stay dry. There are reflective details both in front and back of the skirt for optimum visibility in poor visibility conditions.

  • M-DrySystem: system with optimum textile fibres to improve the breathability. The special weave used allows a rapid evaporation of sweat, thereby improving the natural head adjustments of the body and reducing irritations. The result is to ensure maximum comfort for athletes in every situation.