Rennd hettupeysa með kvennasniði – 2 litir – LYRE

11.990 kr.

Þunn og þægileg rennd hettupeysa með kvennasniði

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Falleg rennd hettupeysa með kvennasniði úr bómul. Fáanleg í 2 litum.

The Lyre sweatshirt has a clean sleek design and is packed with practical features, making it an extremely high-tech garment. The sweatshirt features a practical full-length reversed black zip in the centre with dual auto-lock slider, an unlined hood, zipped pockets with auto-lock slider, and a black jersey half moon. Stylish rib-knit cuffs and flat drawstrings with matte black rings and pullers complete the look. Do you want a tip on how to best use the drawstring fastening? Make it tight so that the opening on the hem stops the cold air from getting in. The embroidered Macron logo on the front completes the look.


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