Mjúkur hlaupajakki fyrir karla – Gerald

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Mjúkur hlaupajakki.

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Mjúkur hlaupa- og hjólajakki úr teygjanlegu flís efni.  Fáanlegur í stærðum S-XXL.

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from training. If the temperature goes below 10° the Gerald sweatshirt is just what you need. This sweatshirt is made from the innovative MWarmSystem fabric range, which protects you from cold air without preventing your body from perspiring, thereby ensuring maximum comfort. This jacket has been designed with great attention to detail: thumb hole in the fitted cuff to stop cold air from coming in, reinforced holes (back and front) for your headphone wires, front diagonal zip pocket for keeping your supplements, accessories, smartphone, keys or anything else you might need while you run.

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