Svartur/rauður æfingajakki úr flísefni – Stærð medium (170-177 cm)

3.500 kr.

Svartur/rauður æfingajakki

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Svartur/rauður æfingajakki úr flísefni – Stærð medium.

The Nixi full zip fleece sweatshirt is a practical and stylish garment. Being entirely made from Microfiber, it is both stretchable and comfortable. The full zip picks up on the colour of the shoulders and side inserts, and pocket zips, providing a contrast with the overall colour of the garment, giving it a sporty and unique look. The zipped pockets will enable you to take whatever you need with you while you’re training. Finally, the drawstring at the bottom and Lycra wristbands give this sweatshirt added comfort.

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