Æfingabolur – Grár – PATRICK (XXL og 3XL)

7.990 kr. 5.000 kr.

Vörunúmer: 38020001 Flokkur: Merki: , , ,


Stutterma æfingabolur fyrir karla með fallegu mynstri. Athugið frekar litlar stærðir.

Great attention to detail is evidenced by useful features such as the pockets where you can put your essential items for the race and / or your training sessions, the reinforced holes at the back and the front which you can pass your headphone wires through, and the side slits with reflective tape.

The new Patrick running t-shirt sports an original optical graphic. Made of Poly Suede, a soft fabric designed to prevent skin irritations, it also has mesh inserts made of microfresh, a high-tech fabric that will keep your body fresh and dry.


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