1/4 rennd svört/rauð æfingapeysa úr flísefni – Bara eftir 1 stykki í stærð XS

2.500 kr.

Svart/rauð æfingapeysa


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Vörunúmer: TARIM Flokkur: Merki:


Svört/rauð renndur jakki úr flísefni

Thanks to its Poly Dry fabric, which allows it to stretch while at the same time keeping you warm when training in the cold, this long-sleeved Tarim shirt is perfect for training in both autumn and winter. At the base of the neck there is a reversible zip in a different colour with an auto-lock slider, which contrasts with the overall colour of the sweatshirt. It’s designed to be both comfortable and practical and it has a Lycra wristband and an adjustable drawstring at the bottom.